Cutting edge technology for maximised efficiency of cooling systems

Our AI based system controller finds and utilises the maximum potential of your cooling system. It enables you to take the metrics you optimise in your own hands.

Introducing F4 Model Based System Controller

Increased efficiency

Optimise the cooling system efficiency as a whole at any moment 

Discover the maximum coworking potential of the individual system components and gain the maximum efficiency

Optimised targets

Choose your target to optimise: primary energy, CO2 emissions or costs.

Change your optimisation target as needed

Reports & monitoring

Monitor data of your components in real time.

Report on efficiency of primary energy, costs and CO2 emissions.

Prevent system failure with automatic anomaly detection.

Make the best of your cooling system!

What is it? F4 Model Based System Controller is a controller for any cooling system in any configuration. It uses a universal, model-based, holistic and technology-open algorithm that brings a reduction in operating costs and energy use of up to 75%.

How it works? The chillers and all auxiliary units are no longer deployed in a fixed order, but efficiency-based, depending on weather conditions and required cooling demand.

Who controls it? You are in control of the steering wheel. You can specify their target values for optimisation: costs, primary energy consumption or CO2 emissions.


I have a controller already. How is F4 different than a manufacturer's controller?

The main difference  comes from  the software installed and controlling your system. Software added to your current system has a physical model of the components of your system and uses algorithms to operate the entire system for maximum optimisation of the target metric: costs, primary energy or CO2 emissions.

Standard controllers use basic sequence control and/or control based on single parameters e.g. outdoor temperature. With standard controllers, the operation point where the system is running is not the highest efficiency.

I have a BMS controlling my cooling system. How is F4 different than a BMS?

Your BMS usually controls your whole system, to ensure safe and durable cooling supply, including distribution and often provides visualisation of main figures. If you have a good working BMS there is no need to change it. The F4 system controller works on top adding value to it. Our controller enables the cooling plant not only to operate all components in a reliable way, but it does this considering all components at the same time, providing the highest system efficiency achievable and increasing simultaneously durability of the components and sustainability of delivered cold.

Can I optimise for both costs and CO2 footprint at the same time?

With the F4 system controller you define the direction of your optimisation.

To optimise CO2 efficiency F4 controller considers the current CO2 emissions of the electricity and of the heating grid.

To optimise on costs, F4 controllers considers the current prices of electricity and heat.  The system allows you to input your variable electricity tariff.

Usually an efficiency gain on energy means reduction in energy consumptions which entails also CO2 reduction, even if the system is not mainly optimised for CO2 emissions. Switching between optimising targets is possible at any time.

F4 Solutions is a company part of EXIST Program

The project F4Sol (03EGSBE583) promoted within the EXIST-framework by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action and the European Social Funds. 

Das Vorhaben/Projekt F4Sol (03EGSBE583) wird im Rahmen des EXIST-Programms durch das Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Klimaschutz und den Europäischen Sozialfonds gefördert.

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